Barbara 31 mod 2010 4.5L portable with Maxi Iron

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Barbara 31 Steam Generator with 4.5L Boiler and Iron

Make Ironing a breeze with the Battistella Barbara 31 Iron and Boiler system. Industrial ironing performance giving you a professional finish . Great for Alteration shops , design rooms ,CMT manufacturing or your busy home studio.

 Powerful dry steam will give you the perfect finish.

Ironing autonomy

3-4 h

Useful capacity

3,4 L (Inox)

Boiler power

1450 W

Iron power

800 W

Total power

2250 W

Steam working pressure

2,8 BAR

Overall dimensions

25x29x37 H cm


12 Kg

Power supply

230 V / 50 Hz

Instruction Manual

Technical Sheet