Tajima TFMX-C1501 Single Head Embroidery Machine

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Tajima TFMX-C1501 (450x520)

Single Head 15 needle Premium Embroidery Machine. Made in Japan

Tajima is the top Embroidery machine manufacturer, world wide . The quality is as good as it gets , with leading technology and high quality engineering giving them the advantage over all other manufacturers . Serious about quality , reliability and production. That why all the best Embroidery suppliers insist on Tajima.

The TFMX range comes in both single-head and multi-head, with cylinder and flat types available, combined with a deep workspace which is very useful to fit tubular frames or the border frames.


The Tajima TFMX single-head embroidery machine is one of the most popular models of the Tajima brand. The embroidery head consists of a deep workspace which is very useful for fitting tubular or flat frames. Its special bridge structure, with a large embroidery field measuring up to 450x520 mm, makes it suitable for all types of flat processing without any usage limits, even with bulky fabrics.


Stable Stitching

A sensor constantly detects the travel amount of the embroidery frame to stop the machine immediately when it is overloaded by chance and prevents loss of the products. The best-suited frame drive activates, depending on the currently applied frames, and you will find embroidery finish as you expected. Also an AC Servo motor has been adopted. Accurate main shaft driving ensures reliable stitching.


Closed-loop controlled frame driving system improves accuracy

Introduction of main shaft driven by AC servo motor



Large Embroidery Space

Adoption of bridge-type machine structure has provided a deep embroidery space of 450mm. It is valuable particularly with tubular goods frames or border frame.



The Tajima TFMX Series can easily receive embroidery data by connecting the embroidery software to a network.


Autograph and DG/ML are recommended as this software simplifies the process of personalization and allows for the smoothest design data generation and transmission to the machine.


More Features

  •  450x500 Sewing area
  •  Big memory
  •  Easy threading and tensioning system
  •  2 x USB and 1 x LAN Ports
  •  Barcoding ready (Easy networking)
  •  Full colour screen
  •  Laser position marker
  •  Thread trappers


Included Accessories


LED Light

Border Frame


Cap Frame 75x360

2 x Frame 120mm

2 x Frame 150mm

2 x Frame 180mm


Bobbin Winder




Talk to us about adding a Starter Pack (for new customers )

  • Madeira Embroidery Thread
  • Backing Pack
  • Loading Board
  • Embroidery Scissors
  • Pulse DG16 Software


Optional Accessories

Beam Sensor – Safety Device to stop the sewing for operator safety 

Tubular Frames – Various Sizes

Sock Frame 

(50mm x30mm)

Pocket Frame

(100mm x 75mm , 

65mm x 100mm)


For Pouches ,Tote Bags



Model: TFMX-C1501
Needles: 15
Embroidery space (DxW) mm: 
Border Frame: 450x520
Wide Cap Frame: 75x360
Semi-wide Cap Frame: 83x180
Tubular Frame: 439x419
Width(mm): 1,270
Depth(mm): 1,185
Height(mm): 1,519

Speed: Max. 1,200rpm
Electricity: Single-phase 100V-120V, 200V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption: 260w


Product Video



TFMX C1501 Brochure