Typical GC6910A Automatic Direct Drive Plain Sewing Machine

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Typical GC6910A-MD3

The Typical GC6910A is the perfect entry level machine for the budget conscious. From domestic operators wanting to make a step up into the industrial range to factories, this machine will slot right in.

  • Automatic backtack
  • Automatic trim
  • LED light in the sewing area
  • Automatic footlift

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Technical Data
  • Stitch type 301
  • Max. sewing speed 5.000spm
  • Max. stitch length 4mm
  • Max. fabric clearance 13mm (with knee lever)
  • Integrated direct-drive (300 Watt) for extreme smooth and vibration-free running
  • Motor control unit integrated in machine belt cover, so it´s easier and faster to build up a machine
  • Push button on machine head for half-stitch function, integrated sewing light & back tack
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Clearance under the arm 260 ×130mm
  • Friction bearing bedded arm shaft