A Guide to Longarm Quilting Machines

Longarm Quilting Machines Explained

If you're an avid quilter but want to learn more about longarm quilting machines, this expert guide explains all. Find out what it does so well, how it differs from a regular sewing machine, and explore its unique features and benefits. 

What is a Longarm Quilting Machine?

A longarm quilting machine is a specialised sewing machine designed specifically for quilting larger projects such as bed quilts, wall hangings and quilted garments. Unlike a traditional sewing machine, which has a limited throat space (the distance between the needle and the body of the machine), our state-of-the-art longarm quilting machines have an extended throat space.

The primary advantage of a longarm quilting machine is the increased working area it provides. This extra space allows quilters to manoeuvre large quilt tops and layers of fabric more easily, eliminating the need for excessive manipulation or repositioning during the quilting process. Quilters can move the fabric freely under the needle, enabling them to create intricate designs and patterns with greater precision and control.

Other Key Features of Longarm Quilting Machines

Stitch Regulation: 

Many longarm quilting machines come equipped with stitch regulation, which helps maintain consistent stitch lengths and ensures even quilting. Stitch regulation can be either manual or computerised, depending on the model. The Innova Long Arm Quilting Machine has programmable stitches per inch for unmatched stitching accuracy and reliability.

Frame System: 

Longarm quilting machines are typically mounted on a frame system, which provides support for the quilt layers and allows for easier movement across the fabric. The frame can be either a stationary table or a movable carriage system that glides the machine along the fabric. The frame system keeps the fabric taut and facilitates the smooth quilting process. Innova’s precision-engineered Pro-Frame offers unparalleled support.


Longarm quilting machines offer a range of features and accessories that cater to different quilting techniques and styles. They can accommodate various thread types, multiple tension settings and interchangeable quilting feet, allowing quilters to experiment with different textures, patterns and designs. 

Time Efficiency: 

Quilting larger projects on a longarm machine can significantly reduce the time it takes to complete a quilt. With the added speed and efficiency of a longarm quilting machine, quilters can finish projects more quickly, allowing them to take on more complex or ambitious quilting endeavours. The Innova machine can produce 0-500 minimum stitches per minute.

For serious quilters and those who produce quilts on a professional level, a longarm quilting machine can be a game-changer, enabling you to create stunning, high-quality quilts with greater ease and efficiency. Contact Sewingtime today to enquire or find out more.