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We have one of the finest and most comprehensive ranges of laundry and steam machines in NZ. We can make your day to day work a lot easier, and add a touch of professionalism, whether it’s in the home laundry, hotel and motel industry, alteration studio or professional dry cleaning service. From a simple ironing table, through to irons and commercial steamers, and right upto large and complex vacuum tables and fuse presses, we can help you get the job done faster, more efficiently and with better results. All this is backed up with superb after-sales service from the team at Sewingtime, including the best-trained technicians in the country. Because we have such a large and specialised product range, we recommend that you contact us, tell us what industry you’re in or what your requirements are, and we’ll help you choose from the very best laundry and steam machines in New Zealand. 

Whether you want to add a little magic to your home laundry, alteration studio, or professional dry-cleaning services, we can help you with what you want.

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