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When it comes to scissors and shears in NZ, Sewingtime is proud to bring you the most diverse range in the country. Whether you know the difference between scissors and shears, or whether you’re budget conscious or after the top of the range Wilkinson brand, it doesn’t matter! We’ll have what you need, and we’ll help you choose the right product for your requirements.

Scissors typically have shorter blades than shears as well as equally shaped handles. Because of their size, they’re perfect for more intricate cutting. On the other hand, shears have one small handle for the thumb and a larger handle for two or more fingers. This allows your hand to better manage the cutting process, which makes for more precise cuts on larger pieces of fabric. Furthermore, shears often have handles that are angled to facilitate cutting fabric on a flat surface.

Take a closer look at our range and if you still can’t work out whether scissors or shears will be best for you, contact us and we’ll help you decide. 

Whether you know the difference or not, it doesn't matter! We have them all. From the budget conscious to the top of the range trade Wilkinson brand, we'll spoil you with selection.

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