Quilting Machines

We know that quilting is more than just a hobby for you. It’s a genuine passion. And for some of you, quilting is your business. Whether you quilt with enjoyment or industry in mind, your aim is exactly the same: you want to achieve flawless, colourful and spectacular results. Sewingtime understands this so we offer you a range of specialized quilting machines with an emphasis firmly on quality rather than quantity. 

We believe we sell the finest quilting machines in NZ. Whether you’re after a compact Juki household quilting machine, or a state of the art Innova long arm quilting machine, we can help.  No matter what you choose, Sewingtime promises performance and reliability as good as the end product, and we will back that up with a full range of quilting accessories and expert service from our highly trained technicians.

We invite you to check out the superb quilting machines you see on this page and then contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and make sure we satisfy them, from machine to accessories, to service and repair. After all, we take quilting as seriously as you do, and that will become evident once you inspect our high-quality range of machines. 

Quilting Machines FAQ

What is the difference between a sewing machine and a quilting machine?

Sewing machines and quilting machines have many similarities and some stark differences. In short, a quilting machine also works like a sewing machine but has a much larger working space for large garments, as well as having a wider range of capabilities than a regular sewing machine.

Do you need a quilting machine to quilt?

Whilst you may read that it is possible to quilt without a specific quilting machine, it makes quilting much more difficult. To do it and do it well, producing high-quality items, using a quilting machine is key. Simply comparing the size of the two machines will indicate just how different they are. By using the finest quilting machines in New Zealand, available at Sewingtime, you can improve performance, speed and quality of finished products.

What does it cost to make a quilt with a quilting machine?

It costs however much your materials were, plus your time. Selling your quilts will depend on the size of the quilt, which fabrics are used and whether it is a custom-made quilt or not. The pricing structure is up to you. We suggest comparing your prices to other likewise quilting manufacturers to get an idea of how much other companies or individuals charge.