Hashima Fusing Press - Width: 900mm

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A continuous type machine whereby production is greatly increased.
The automatic Belt Warping Prevention Device keeps both the upper and lower belts in the same position. Using the feed back system, damage is prevented. (Patent Pending)
Using the electronic thermostat and the SSR, the temperature difference’s range is kept at ±3?. The SSR’s electronic parts have no contact points making for durability.
Various stackers can be used with this machine.
This machine has a front conveyor belt which greatly increases production levels.
The Rotary Strip Off Device can be attached as optional equipment.
By pushing the heater control switch the temperature of the upper and lower or front and rear heater can be easily controlled. This means various materials can be used safely.
The pressure roller is covered with a layer of silicon rubber. The upper and lower pressure rollers are completely separated when the pressure is set at 0.
The heating plate is covered with special hard alumite, making it durable. The exchange of belts is very easy.
The Belt Stopping Device stops the belt automatically if the belt warps therefore protecting the belt.
The entrance of the feed in point can be adjusted easily according to the thickness of the material and interlining being used.
An anti puckering roller is installed in this machine. This roller’s position can be adjusted.
Wing tables can be attached to the work table. When these tables are not in use, they can be folded down. (Option)
The pressure can easily adjusted.
Dependant on which optional tables is used, various shapes can be easily pressed.