An introduction to quilting

Quilting is the process of joining at least three layers of fabric together, either by hand sewing using a needle and thread or mechanically using a quilting machine. A series of stitches are sewn through all layers of fabric to create a three-dimensional soft surface. These three layers are commonly referred to as the top fabric or quilted top, the batting or insulation material, and the lining. A wide variety of textiles have traditionally been associated with quilting, including bedspreads, upholstered home furnishings, apparel and costumes, tapestries, art and culture. Quilting ranges from purely functional carpentry techniques to highly intricate and decorative three-dimensional surface treatments. 

We know that quilting is a real passion, and for some of you quilting is your business. A quilting machine can use a variety of effects that affect the quality of the final surface and the usefulness of the quilting. Quilting machines control these effects by manipulating elements such as material type and thickness, stitch length and style, pattern design, blending and cutting.

The three-dimensional and sculptural components of the quilting material can be manipulated and enhanced with additional embellishments, which may include appliqués, embroidery techniques such as hookah mirror work, and the incorporation of other items or elements such as pearls, beads, buttons, sequins. Various aesthetic effects can be made by choices of colour, texture and printing. Quilting can be considered one of the earliest examples of recycling, as trimmings and cut-outs have historically been widely used to create new products.

Sewingtime has several choices of quilting machines:

  • Juki HZL-DX7 Household Sewing Machine
  • Innova Long Arm Quilting Machines
  • Genuine Juki TL2200 QVP Mini Quilting Household Sewing Machine
  • Juki Mayabi J-350QVP

Whether you're quilting for fun or industry, your goal is always the same - you want flawless, colourful and impressive results. This is why we offer you a range of specialised quilting machines with a strong focus on quality over quantity. 

Our promise is performance and reliability that rivals the final product, and we back it up with a complete range of quilting accessories and expert service from our highly trained technicians. After all, we take quilting as seriously as you do, as you'll see when you look at our range of high-quality machines.

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