Embroidery Machines: What to look for and what to buy

To sell items you sew as part of a small business, it is important to be efficient enough to turn a profit. Time is money, after all. One way to improve your efficiency is to invest in an embroidery machine. Add your logo or create patterns on textiles quickly as this piece of kit will help you create high-quality embroidered products a lot quicker and more consistently than achieving this by hand. Quality means customers will return and speed means you can keep up with growing demand. 

What should you look for when shopping for an embroidery machine? 

The primary thing you need to consider when searching for the best embroidery machine for you is what kind of projects you will be undertaking. The size of the projects you will be working on will directly relate to the type of embroidery machine you will require. Small and simple projects mean a different type of machine than large-scale, complex, embroidery. Make sure the machine will be able to achieve what you want it to achieve before purchasing. It’s also worth checking what is available within your budget and speaking to the experts before committing to one. Below are two of the most important aspects to consider.

  1. Single Head or Multi-Head: Single Head embroidery machines are ideal for smaller single-design projects. Multi-needle machines have a much larger embroidery area and more needles. That means they are fast and can create larger, colourful designs.  
  3. SPM rate: The stitch per minute rate indicates how fast the machine embroiders. The higher the quicker. Being able to embroider more stitches in a shorter amount of time means you can make more products in a smaller time frame, which can be important for business. However, if you plan on embroidering delicate fabrics, look for a machine with a lower SPM rate to prevent fabric damage.

The best embroidery machines

The renowned Japanese brand of Tajima is a leading manufacturer of embroidery machines. Well-known for their wide range of machines and a level of versatility that can achieve a range of outcomes, they are the perfect choice for investing in a top-quality machine today. Take a look at all of our available models today.

Tajima Single Head

The TFMX-C1501 is one of the most popular models of the Tajima brand. Available in both single head and multi-head, the embroidery head consists of a deep workspace for varied use. The large embroidery field on this machine means even bulky fabrics will be suitable and the machine’s limits are almost limitless.

Tajima Multi Head

Our multi-head TMAR-KC type 2 is quite simply the next generation. Featuring a digitally-controlled presser foot (DCP), network access and a slim cylinder design for easy access, this machine can handle everything you throw at it. A reinforced wide cap frame has improved stability and contributed to an increased rotational speed of 1,000 rpm.