Sewing Machines: Household Vs Industrial Vs Handheld

Sewing Machines: Household Vs Industrial Vs Handheld

Sewing machines come in a whole variety of shapes and sizes. Everyone has a picture in their mind of a regular sewing machine, but there are also industrial sewing machines which are giant tools more suited to mass production and working with large-scale fabrics. Another alternative is the less common handheld sewing machine which is a tiny, portable, machine for an occasional quick repair that produces a neater outcome than a common needle and thread. So which of these is best suited to your needs? Let’s run through the pros and cons of each to help you decide which is right for you. Here they are in size order:

Industrial Sewing Machines

A much larger and more complex model than regular household sewing machines, these are specifically built for larger, professional, sewing tasks over a long period of time. The world-class brands we stock are constructed with superior durability, parts and motors. Industrial machines are commonly used for mass production. Many of our industrial machines are set up in our showroom so you can test-drive before you buy. We recommend you bring in a sample of your work so we can help you select the right machine to suit the type of work you do.

Household Sewing Machines

To enjoy sewing at home and create beautiful work with a high-quality machine, take a look at our world-famous brands of reliable and well-performing sewing machines. They are ideal for a wide variety of sewing projects generally done by sewing enthusiasts. From small amendments to clothes, to making bespoke cushion covers and many other possibilities, a household sewing machine is a great piece of equipment for your everyday sewer. 

Handheld sewing machine

You’d be surprised just how tiny these can be. An expensive alternative to a common needle and thread, with a much more professional outcome. These are only really for small fixes and odd jobs and are a good option if a household sewing machine takes up too much room and would be used too few and far between to warrant investing in one. These models are quite niche and many sewers take too much pride in their work to use this limited piece of equipment. 


For frequent and casual sewing needs, a household sewing machine is an all-rounder that can deal with a host of tasks from small to large. If you are manufacturing mass produced items for sale, investing in an industrial sewing machine could be worthwhile considering you have the space. If you simply need to make a small fix a couple of times a year you can use a needle and thread or you can invest in a handheld sewing machine to save you a little time and effort.

For more advice on finding the best sewing machine for you, get in touch with us today.