How To Choose The Right Thread

If you take a look at our huge range of sewing thread, one thing will become obvious. We have a lot of different types! Choosing the right one might seem daunting as a result, but with our guidance, we’ll make it easy to select the best thread for your next sewing project.  

One of the most common threads on the market is an all-purpose polyester thread, and it is a safe choice for most types of general sewing. It is strong, colourfast, and with some stretch to it. It will work on most material types, however, if you’re working with a slightly unconventional fabric, like heavyweight or stretch, you’re better off using the same type of thread as the fabric. So, if you’re sewing with 100% cotton material, use 100% cotton thread and aim to match the thread weight to your fabric. 

Another good way to make sure you’re working with the right thread is to read the fine print! In other words, check your sewing pattern or instructions for advice on which type of thread you should use. This valuable information is often overlooked in the excitement of opening up a pattern and wanting to get started straight away. We advise you to always read everything printed on the pattern before you begin. 

If you can’t find an exact colour match, choose a thread that is a shade or two darker than the fabric. A light thread will stand out and make the mismatch more noticeable – unless that is the effect you’re going for, of course! 

Cotton thread has little stretch and is a great choice for delicate projects, in particular, cotton fabrics or sheers. Most cotton thread is mercerised, i.e it has gone through chemical processes that enhance the thread’s lustre and make it more water and dye-absorbent. This means it’s less likely to run. However, cotton thread should not be used for stretch fabrics - polyester threads are best in this instance.

Heavy-duty thread is also a polyester thread, and you may be tempted to choose this for your garment sewing as you think the thread will be stronger and last longer. However, the weight of this particular thread means it is not suitable for most garment sewing projects. On the other hand, it is the best choice for home decor sewing.

When you check out our range, you’ll see invaluable advice on the situation each thread is best suited to. But if you really want to ensure you choose the right thread, your safest option is to contact us. Tell us what you are sewing and we’ll direct you to the most appropriate thread in our incredible range.