How to start machine embroidery

Welcome to our beginner guide to starting machine embroidery.

What is the difference between machine embroidery and hand embroidery? 

Both machine and hand embroidery are fun, but they require completely different tools and skills. Hand embroidery has been around since ancient times and only requires needles, thread and fabric - although hoops are usually used to maintain tension on the fabric. Machine embroidery is divided into two types: hand sewing or drawing with a needle, and programmable machine embroidery. 

Programmable machine embroidery entered the home sewing market in the last decades of the 20th century. It is fully machine-driven for consistent results. For beginners of machine embroidery, you will need a sewing machine with fabric conveyors that can be turned off or closed. The operator controls the movement of the fabric and places stitches on the surface of the fabric in any direction. This can be designed as a sketch or done entirely by hand.

What do you need to start embroidering with a programmable machine? 

When it comes to basic embroidery, you first need a machine that can read embroidery designs and embroider them. You can choose between machines designed for embroidery and machines that combine sewing and embroidery. The machine comes with one or more hoops that can be attached to the machine. Next, you will need a selection of threads. Most of the machine embroidery designs have been digitised to be properly embroidered with 40 gauge machine embroidery threads.

How to choose an embroidery machine:

  • Cost: Embroidery-only machines are cheaper than top-of-the-line combination sewing and embroidery machines. With a variety of options on the market, the best way is to take a look at our website and see which models match your budget,
  • Features: What screen does the machine have? How easy is it to transfer designs to the machine for stitching? Can you change the size and rotate designs in the machine? Can you upgrade the machine in the future? These things should be taken into account when purchasing a new machine.
  • Brand: When it comes to embroidery machines in NZ, there’s one brand that stands out from the rest: Tajima. The world-renowned Japanese company has been the leading embroidery specialist since 1944. Whether you are a home operator, starting a new business or have an established business, their range is wide and versatile.

Invest in different thread colours as an easy way to get started and you can add more colours as you launch specific projects. You will also need bobbin thread. The scanned designs are stitched together with a fine bobbin thread for correct tension. The good news is that you only need white thread for the bobbin, regardless of the colours on the face of the embroidery, because the bobbin thread is not visible from the face of the job. If you are embroidering on dark fabrics, add black bobbin thread to your artillery. The big advantage of machine embroidery over hand embroidery is that it looks great on almost any fabric.

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