Sewingtime Mk. II Cyberspace Relaunch

How time flies! In the bilnk of an eye a year has gone by.

So what's been happening?

Sewingtime incorporated into Walker Sotech Machinery in June of 2016 and it has been a chaotic transition with the merger of two companies with large inventories. Regrettably the cyberspace portal that is our website has not been maintained as it should and fell into the wayside as we try to bring order to in house logistics. 

However, you asked for it and we have listened. And so, we are in the process of a major relaunch. You'll see a couple of changes over the next few months so please bare with us!

We have also reactivated our facebook page and you will see more regular posts with insights into the company, industry, and the future. Please check us out here

What We Hope to Achieve

We plan to unite the sewing industry under one hub that is our website. For so many years, the sewing industry has lagged behind in the adoption of technology as an integral part of the business. We see the fragmentation, and plan to bring all the businesses together in a form of a directory and feature articles on this website.

How good and successful the plan is also depends on your participation. We encourage you write us emails and little articles about what your business does so that we may feature you on our blog and social media sites. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook!

We will also bring your favourite shop to instagram and twitter in the near future.

Online Shop

For many years Sewingtime has been a temple to the industrial sewing machine world carrying the leading brands in the industry.

The problem with it was: you had to make the effort to get to us. We recognize that it's not good enough and now we aspire to bring the shop and show room to you, at your fingertip through a click with the relaunch of our website.

Don't forget to bookmark our shop (it's as easy as pressing "Ctrl + D" on your keyboard or "Command + D" if you are on a mac) and email us with what you think we can improve on because at the end of the day, you, and not us make the website and Sewingtime what it is.


To all those who have patiently supported us during the transitional period, we couldn't have done it without you. So thank you.