Should I make my own clothes?

Fashion is a relentless ongoing set of trends that change seasonally. We love it, we hate it. We’re always a part of it. As high-end brands set to hike their prices, Louis Vuitton is the first major brand to announce a price increase globally amid increased manufacturing and transportation costs. With luxury brands getting more expensive, fast fashion brands such as Zara and the emerging Shein, pump out quick fashion for low prices.

Some fast fashion brands have come under fire for allegedly being harmful to the environment. Cheap clothes aren’t made to last and use fabrics like polyester and nylon that don’t decay. With expensive clothing getting dearer and low-cost fashion being unsustainable, self-made clothing trends are increasing in popularity. Here are some reasons why:

  • Ethically Pure: Rather than supporting cheap fashion brands made in bad working conditions on poverty wages, use fabric that has been ethically sourced.
  • Personalised Clothing: Create custom-made clothing with a personalised fit every time. Design your clothes in the exact colour and style you choose.
  • New Skills: Learning a new skill is always exciting and making clothing could be your new hobby! They also make great gifts.

If making your own clothes is something that interests you, here are the top tips to getting started:

  1. Pattern: Use a ‘pattern’, which is a blueprint of steps, techniques and measurements you can use as a guide when making clothes for the first time.
  2. Start easy: An easy garment to start with is a pair of loose, elastic-waist pants, or pyjamas. This takes a little pressure off the finished product as the fitting and look isn’t quite as important as making a dress, for example.
  3. Practice first: Test stitching and techniques on scrap fabric before committing to your piece of clothing.
  4. As soon as you can try your garment on, do it! Try it on throughout the process to make sure you’re on the right lines.
  5. Don’t rush: Take your time, do it right and most of all, enjoy the process!

Finally, here are the supplies you need from Sewingtime:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pins
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Stitch unpicker
  • Safety pin or bodkin
  • Fabric chalk
  • Iron

For more expert guidance, visit us or call us today and we’ll help you along your new fashion-guru journey.