The essential cutting tools for sewing

The saying “measure twice, cut once,” was undoubtedly said by the owner of good cutting tools. Fabric can be expensive and without sufficient cutting tools you could ruin it, so we think it’s time to finally upgrade those tired old tools that just aren’t cutting it anymore. Certain materials require specialised equipment. Our extensive collection of tools are enough for any job with world leading brands from Eastman to Lightning, KM and Suprena. We’ve put together our range to cut any material: leather, cloth, carpeting, PVC, foam, linoleum, rubber, cork and more.


These big scissors have blades more than 6” long and bespoke handles for fingers and thumb. As sharp as they are big, a good pair of shears slice through fabric like a knife through butter. Shears are an essential tool to have and we stock left-handed shears for you lefties. An occasional sharpening and oil of the pivot should keep a good pair of shears in condition for a lifetime.

Rotary Cutter

This pizza cutter style design works just the same. Simply roll it over long sheets of fabric in straight lines or curved lines to cut. Never having to lift the blade means reduced numbers of mistakes as it is one continuous cut unlike shears or scissors. They do however require a special cutting surface. Cutting mats protect your tables but also keep the surface consistent which is required for neatness. Cutting mats can be purchased at Sewingtime in various sizes with a measuring grid printed on them.


These miniature scissors whose blades run to a point are ideal for reaching into tight spaces and snipping stray threads. A good tool to keep with your sewing machine where they will prove most handy.

Seam Ripper

One straight out of the pros toolkit, seam rippers are what you’ll need to re-do seams that aren’t up to scratch. If you want your projects to be the best you have to be willing to fix what isn’t quite right. A sharp seam ripper helps undo seams without damaging the fabric. Instead of ripping the seam, it slices the sewing thread giving you the opportunity to start over.

Sometimes hand cutting won’t do and for more industrial size sewing, we stock plenty of electrical scissors, electrical rotary cutters, knife cutting machines and skiving machines. Whether you’re looking to buy or get expert advice, Sewingtime is here to help.