The Good Oil On Sewing Machine Oil

We have one of the most extensive and high-quality ranges of sewing accessories in NZ. After all, why sell the world’s best sewing machines if we can’t also sell the things that make sewing even easier? That’s why we take so much care to bring you an ever-growing range of the latest accessories.

One of the biggest sellers in this range is our sewing machine oil. If you own and operate industrial machines, you’ll probably be aware of the need for oil and its overall importance. But for our customers who are purchasing from our range of household sewing machines, they might be unsure whether or not they need oil, or what it is even for. And then, there are some people who have had their machine for years and have never oiled it - they just don’t give it a second through. They really should!

Before you rush out and buy gallons of sewing machine oil, check that your machine isn’t already pre-lubricated as this means additional oil might not be needed. We can always advise you on this matter if you purchase your machine from us. But if you have an older machine, chances are it will need oiling. Many machines of a certain age stop operating as they should because they’re neglected, and a lack of oil is just one cause of this. Many machines of a certain vintage need to be well-oiled to ensure all of its moving parts will continue to work as they should. Sewing machine oil also prevents rust and unnecessary friction. The best analogy we can use is to think of your car with an inadequate amount of oil - you know for sure that its performance will be drastically compromised and that's why you regularly check the oil. The exact same principle applies to a sewing machine - if it needs oil in the first place, of course.

This raises the question of how often to oil your machine. This depends on several factors, not the least of which, is how often you make use of it. Manufacturers instructions will give you that information, or you can contact a local retailer who stocks that brand (and preferably the same model you have) for advice.

As well as looking after the machine yourself, through regular oiling and cleaning, you should also get your sewing machine professionally serviced every year or so. During your service appointment, oil will be applied to the machine anyway. And if you haven’t used your sewing machine for a few years, it should be oiled and professionally serviced before you start using it again, as lubrication dries out over time. For any advice on oil-related issues or any other sewing accessory, feel free to contact us.