Why Is Quilting So Popular?

Quilting machines in NZ remain big sellers. That’s certainly the case with us. We sell a lot of specialized quilting machinery to customers all over New Zealand. It’s wonderful to think we’re doing our part to help people enjoy this enduring craft.

In fact, enjoy might be the wrong word to associate with quilting. Passion might be more appropriate. Look at all the quilting expos, symposiums, classes, clubs, forums and groups all around the country and you’ll get a feel for how much people love to do it. It’s a real labour of love - accessories cost money and a lot of time is involved but the final creations make it all worthwhile. Some of the quilts you’ll see at your next quilting expo will be breathtaking.

So why is quilting so popular in New Zealand? Every person you ask will probably put forward a reason specific to them but most quilters would agree that the hobby is a welcome and slow-paced escape in this fast and hectic world. Quilting teaches you to be patient and take your time, and the unhurried nature of the craft is one of its appeals. It’s a bit like meditation, where someone can take time out and forget about everything happening around them. It’s little wonder that quilters say they feel so much more relaxed after a long session.

Quilting also represents a real challenge. The length of time it takes between starting a quilt and completing it may seem daunting, let alone all of the complex work that will have to go into it. However, this is something that motivates passionate quilters and they embrace the assignment in front of them. The feeling of achievement upon completing a quilt is a reward that an experienced quilter will never tire of.

Finally, as far as creative outlets go, quilting provides a huge blank canvas to work with!  A quilt is so big you just can’t miss it and it provides plenty of room for artistic expression. Many quilters point to this ability to get creative on a large scale as one of the reasons why they love doing what they do.  

We love working with quilters, whether they do it for a passionate hobby or for more commercial reasons. If you’re into quilting too and want a machine that will allow you to produce stunning results, get in touch with us and we’ll happily discuss this most colourful subject with you.