Why New Is Better Than Used

For the world’s best embroidery machines, check out our Tajima range. There is no bigger and better name in embroidery machines in NZ, and that is why we are so proud to sell them.

As part of your research into a new embroidery machine, you may be checking out used models. While this may keep the initial purchase price down, we believe that a second-hand machine could end up costing you so much more in the long run. That is why we strongly advise you to go for a new Tajima over a used machine.

When you buy a second-hand embroidery machine, it’s virtually guaranteed that you’re not getting the latest model. This means you’re wasting your money on a machine that is not capable of growing with your business. For example, it may be a machine that uses outdated hardware that includes things like floppy disks (remember them??!!) and lower-bit processors that are extremely difficult to upgrade. This puts you at an immediate disadvantage, particularly if you have grand plans to branch out in the future. You can’t do that with a machine not capable of making a reality out of your bright ideas. 

Embroidery machines take a beating during their working life, and this is made even worse if they have not been maintained and serviced according to the manufacturer's instructions. The odds are good that the used machine you’re looking at is near the end of its working life and will immediately require expensive repairs. Purchasing any sewing machine with wear and tear is a risk and should be top of mind when looking at a used embroidery machine. The age of the machine is irrelevant to a large degree; a more recent model that was not adequately looked after could be a worse buy than an older machine that was frequently maintained; of course, that older model probably has outdated technology as we discussed above so you really can’t win whatever age you buy! 

Finally, buying a used embroidery machine in NZ might mean you have access to just a few accessories - certainly not everything you need to do the job. The brand might be a minor one, or even obsolete,  and obtaining the accessories you require could become a major headache. That will severely limit your creative options, let alone your productivity and output. 

None of these things is a problem when you buy a new Tajima embroidery machine. They’re cutting edge machines that are capable of delivering high performance as soon as you buy them, and they come with all the accessories you need. For these reasons, we are convinced that a new Tajima will always be better than a used machine, and that is why you should contact us and make a smarter and more profitable investment.