Sewing Accessories

Essential to any sewing room, accessories are the tools which help with the ease of production and maximize your creativity.

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To get the most enjoyment out of your sewing, to keep your machine operating at its best, and to create something truly special every time you sew, you need the right accessories. And at Sewingtime, that’s something we’re very proud to offer you - the right sewing accessories. 

Sewingtime has one of the most extensive ranges of sewing accessories in NZ.  We’ve got you covered, whether you own an industrial sewing machine, a household machine, an embroidery machine or any other type of sewing-related equipment.

If sewing is your business and you know exactly what you’re after, there’s every chance you’ll find it right here on this website. If you can’t see it, contact Sewingtime and we’ll track it down for you. If you’re new to sewing and have bought a machine to use at home, you might be unsure what essential accessories you need to get started. Again, get in touch with one of the friendly team at Sewingtime and we’ll discuss what accessories you need to make your sewing fun and productive.   

Great sewing deserves the best accessories. Check out our range and feel free to get in touch and we’ll help you select just the right thing. And if you’re in Auckland or Christchurch, call into our Sewingtime showrooms and take a look at everything we have to offer.