Brother KE-430HX Electronic Bartack

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 Brother KE-430HX 

The Brother KE-430HX Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Bar Tacker .

From Swimwear to canvas and webbing there is a subclass to suit your needs.


The fastest machine in its class and with the added feature of the needle cooler makes this machine more reliable at higher speed. Higher speed increases the productivity.

Brother’s superior design and engineering has produced this high quality, user friendly machine that will require less maintenance.

The automatic thread trimmer is driven by a stepping motor which cuts the thread shorter, more stable , and quieter than conventional mechanical thread trimmer. Lessening the need to trim after sewing.

The brand new thread take-up stroke provides stable thread tightening.

Equipped with a Colour LCD which displays items with illustration icons, offering use-intuitive operation. It is easy to set the cycle program, along with sewing patterns, sewing speed, and scale. The upper thread tension can be stored with-in a user program.



  • Integrated Direct Drive Motor
  • Colour touch screen with USB Port
  • Heavy duty Wheeled Stand Table
  • Increased sewing speed
  • Improved Trimming system
  • Programable stitch patterns
  • Built in Bobbin winder
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Easy to use Control panel


  • Application: Light - Medium - Heavy
    Setup to your requirements
  • Sewing Area: Max 40x30mm
  • Maximum Sewing Speed: 3300 spm
  • Stitch Length: 0.05mm - 12.7mm
  • Work Clamp Height: Max 17mm
  • Lubrication: Semi-Dry
  • Needle: DP X17








Light materials

Medium materials

Heavy materials

Knitted materials



Max. sewing speed


Max. sewing area

Max. 40x30mm*1

Stitch length


Feed mechanism

Y-θ intermittent feed mechanism (pulse-motor driven mechanism)

No. of stitches

Variable (Refer to "Program List" for details on the number of stitches for sewing patterns that are already preset)

Max.No. of stitches

5,000 stitches/pattern

Work clamp lifter

Pulse motor drive system

Work clamp height / Button clamp height

Max. 17mm

Rotary hook

Shuttle hook (double shuttle hook, optional)

Digital tension

Standard equipment

Thread wiper

Standard equipment

Thread trimmer

Standard equipment

Thread nipper

-01-03-0KStandard equipment-05: Option