Embroidery Accessories – Frames

The world’s best embroidery machines deserve the world’s best embroidery accessories. As you’d expect, Sewingtime has everything you need including all of the accessories you require to keep on producing spectacular results from your Tajima embroidery machine. 

Needles, bobbins, Tajima machine frames, tension gauges, machine oil, snips, stitch removers, hoop fixtures and frames - whatever it is you’re after, we’ll have it. We guarantee the highest quality at the best price. Plus, most importantly of all, all of our parts are genuine items, so you know they’ll work perfectly within your embroidery machine.

When it comes to embroidery accessories, no one has a better range and no one knows as much about them as we do.  We’ll happily help you find just the right thing, so contact us and we’ll make it easy to get the accessories you need. 

We have all the Embroidery accessories you will need to get the best result from your Tajima Embroidery Machine. The highest quality Genuine Items at the best price.