A&E Clearlon Monofilament Nylon Thread

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Mono Filament - Clear sewing thread

The A&E Clearlon is a monofilament nylon sewing thread, ideal for sewing in blindstitch operations, quilting on soft home products through to Carpet Overlocking . Also used for specialty industrial applications where thread stiffness and stitch removal are required. Available in various sizes dependent Benefits: - Translucent, blends with many colours - Minimizes thread changes and machines adjustments. - Sews well on blindstitch machines. Thread size utility guide:

 Invisible (blind hemming) seams: 0.004" (Tex 8/Denier 72) (thinnest)

Quilting:  0.009" (Tex 45/Denier 405) 

Garment sewing: 0.008" (Tex 35/Denier 315) 

Banners & Flags: 0.008"  (Tex 35/Denier 315) 

Curtains & Drapes: 0.009" (Tex 45/Denier 405) 

Upholstery: 0.010"  (Tex 50/Denier 450) 

Leather: 0.011"  (Tex 60/Denier 540)

Rug Carpet overlocking - Tex 80/Denier 720 or Tex 80/Denier 750 (Thickest)

"Please enquire for pricing of one reel as these are sold by pound."