AGA-2300DP/DPX Series Vertical Curtain Cutter

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AGA-2300DP/DPX-series Fully automatic vertical curtain cutting machine

Electronic, programmable, computer controlled cutting machine to cut curtains and voiles to their final drop.

Model DP, custom made to a maximum width of 1100 cm at a height of max.600 cm Model DPX, offering the possibility to cut large drop curtains in workrooms with a low ceiling; custom made to a maximum width of 900 cm and a max height of 600 cm. All models fitted with a 3-fold attaching beam to fix the curtain according to the model and design.

Easy operation by a multilingual dialogue LCD touch screen.

Many options available such as: Pneumatic clamps, extended clamps for lined curtains, UV ink marking device for curtains, blinds and shades, double rod system for simultaneous cutting of face fabric and lining.

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