Amann Strongbond Ticket: 60 Tex: 45 Length: 5000m - Light

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Amann Strongbond 060 Continuous Filament Bonded Nylon (Polyamide). Ticket: 60 Tex: 45 Length: 5000m

  • the robust bonded sewing thread
  • for heavy-duty seams
  • best sewing performance, also for multidirectional sewing


Ticket 60/Tex 45 recommended needle size nm90-110 

  • For shoes and leather goods, personal protection equipment, upholstery, wet suits, filters, belts and multidirectional seams.

Bonded sewing threads are easily recognized. On the one hand, they feel stiffer than normal sewing threads due to their additional treatment (this is noticeable when the thread is drawn from the package). On the other hand, bonded threads are harder to untwist. The resistance is clearly noticeable, which is a consequence of the bonding effect.

In the field of shoes & accessories, Strongbond is mainly used for heavy-duty seams, for instance, as sewing thread for shoes, as sewing thread for bags, as sewing thread for suitcases, as well as sewing thread for belts and small leather goods. In addition, Strongbond is used in the automotive and techtex sector.

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