Coats Hembobs - Bonded Nylon L Style Pre-Wound Bobbins. Singles

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Coats CF Nylon Hembobs

M41 Nylon Bonded Hembobs

28m Pre-Wound bobbins. 

The main benefits to using a pre-wound bobbin are that hembobs are easier for the sewist and create better stitches. 

One main difference between pre-wound bobbins and those you wind yourself is that a pre-wound bobbin can hold 30-50% more thread than an own-wound bobbin. This extra thread leads to fewer bobbin changes while sewing. Also, because the thread is wound on the bobbin at the factory there is more consistency with how much thread is on each bobbin. This will help you better anticipate when the thread will run out.

 Suitable for;

- Leatherworks

- Automotive Materials

- Furniture Upholstery etc