Emery Portable Heavy Duty Round Cutter

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Emery EC360 Portable Rotary cutter

For fast and efficient cordless cutting through fabric, carpeting, foam, PVC, leather, linoleum, rubber, cork, and more (up to about 1/2 inch).

An hour's charge can cut approximately 800 feet of textile fabric (or about 300 feet of a thick material like carpet). A light indicator will inform you when your battery is fully charged. 

The blade is 10-sided/60mm and works in conjunction with a carbide stationary blade. 

We offer additional batteries and chargers if you'd like to keep one battery charging while the other is in use. We also offer replacement blades for this machine.



  • Includes cutter with one blade and carbide bottom blade
  • Manual sharper (machine mounted
  • Rapid 1hr Charge 1Nickel Cadmium Battery
  • Suitable for Fabric (approx 10 lays max )
  • Leather (4.8mm max)
  • Rubber (4.8mm max)
  • Lino (4.8mm max)
  • Cardboard (4.8mm max)
  • Carpet and foam (13mm max)
  • Rapid 1hr Charge 1Nickel Cadmium Battery