Holek 580 Roller Iron Steam Press 85cm Wide

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Steam ironer HOLEK 580

Holek 580 - 85cm wide

Steam Ironer with a massive 85 cm roller and five fix ironing programs. Two free arms allow you to iron easily and quickly even more complex pieces of laundry, such as shirts, blouses and skirts. Continual roller speed control and sophisticated system of steaming guaranty a perfect ironing result. Four wheels and possibility to fold up the ironer offer an easy manipulation and storing. Input power 3,3kW. SOS handle shall release the laundry in case of eventual blackout.


The main advantages of steam ironer


  • Easy installation

Standard power 220-240V / 50 Hz is enough for the operation of the steam ironer. (No 3-phase power is necessary.)

Making the steam ironer operate is very easy. All you have to do is to unpack the appliance, raise the roller to the working position, add water to the tank, connect it to the mains and switch it on. After pressing the switch on, the roller raises. Remove the protective paper cover of the roller and the ironer is ready for ironing.

(Observe the safety instructions in the operating manual enclosed).


  • Easy to operate

Steam ironer is turned on by the main power switch on the control panel. Use the left side buttons to select the ironing program and if you want to iron with steaming, use the right side buttons to select steaming function. As soon as the steam ironer reaches the desired temperature (approx. 3-5 minutes depending on the selected program), the flicking lights change to continuous lights, then you can start ironing.


Place the laundry on the table in front of the roller and insert it between the roller and the heating shoe so that it is caught by the roller when pressed. Afterwards you only need to hold the laundry at the edges so that it slides evenly on both sides.

  • Five ironing programs

You can select programs for ironing following materials: Linen Cotton Wool Silk Synthetics


  • Steaming

For perfect ironing, you can use steaming, which provides an effective moistening of the ironed laundry. You can use steaming when ironing in the program for wool, cotton and linen. Steam mode can be used with the foot pedal pressed down or in permanent steaming mode without the pedal depressed. (You shall use this mode if you only want to dampen the laundry with steam, without proper ironing.)

You can select 3 levels of intensity for steaming, to guarantee of adequate and even moistening of the laundry.

Use distilled water for steaming.

In the case of using our cartridges with anti-scale granulate also tap water can be used.


  • You can easily iron even more complex laundry

Two free arms allow you to iron even more complex pieces of laundry, such as shirts, blouses and skirts.


  • The video tutorial will speed up your training of the right skills:

You can watch the easy operation and instructions for ironing various types of laundry on video and quickly learn the right ironing tricks.


  • Easy, space-saving storage

During storage our steam ironer does not take up more space than an ordinary chair, therefore it is possible to use it and store it even in places with no excess space. After ironing, just lower the roller and move the steam ironer on the built-in wheels to its storage space.


  • An eventual blackout will not harm the laundry

The ironed laundry cannot be burned or damaged even in the eventual blackout. In case of the laundry would remain locked between the roller and hot heating shoe, use the lever to simply lift up the roller to release the laundry. To return the lever to its original position after the power supply is restored, pull the lever to the front position while depressing the foot pedal.


  • Environmentally friendly

The input -to-output power ratio outperforms standard irons. Thanks to the large ironing area, ironing is quick and efficient, especially on large, straight pieces of laundry.


If you stop ironing for more than 8 minutes, the heating is automatically switched off to avid a useless electricity consumption.


Steam ironer HOLEK 580 produced by our company is popular and high quality product designed for

use in households same as use in small businesses such as boarding houses, smaller family hotels, kindergartens, fitness centers, saunas or masseurs, not to mention minor laundries and dry cleaners. Simply everywhere its service will be appreciated. Our steam ironer is suitable wherever it is necessary to iron piles of laundry. Towels, bed linen or tablecloths, but also other laundry from the daily wardrobe. All in perfect performance, including high-quality steaming and significant savings of time and electricity.


And you can iron while sitting, your legs and back will not hurt.


So sit down and start ironing ……



Unfolded wide 94 x deep 40 x high 105 cm.
Folded wide 52 x deep 40 x high 100 cm.


Roller width 85cm (33.5")
Working height 88cm (35")
Ironing width 83cm (33")
Shoe diameter 85mm
Roller pressure 600N
Ironing speed 1.25 to 3.58 meters per minute
Thermostatic temperature control
Max Power 3.3 kW
Water tank capacity 1.3 litres Steaming time 60+ minutes
Voltage: 220 / 240 v
Weight 39 kg
Adjustable steam settings
Adjustable roller speed
Water level lamp indicator (when 10% water is left)

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