Hoop Talent Main Station, sleeve station , 5.1" fixture , adjustable fixture and 5.1x5.1" magnetic frame

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Product Introduction

Sew Tech HoopTalent Hooping Station Kit can make the magnetic embroidery hooping process quick, easy, accurate and consistent. It is the perfect accessory for hooping repeat orders or items with the same design placement.

Hooping Revolution - Magic of MaggieFrame Magnetic Hoop

Product Features

1. Repeatable Precise Placement
If you want to embroider chest logos and other designs in the same place every time, the Sew Tech HoopTalent embroidery Hooping Station Kit can help you do that. You can save a lot of time and energy.
2. Easy Operation and Increased Productivity
After confirming the design's logo placement, you can embroider your garments with ease and speed. This will elevate your profits and ensure high-quality results with embroidery hoops.
3. Magnetic backing flaps hold your backing in place.
4. No need to adjust the embroidery frames; they automatically suit all kinds of materials.

Packing List:

1. Main Station x1 (580x405x225mm/23x16x9inch)
2. Sleeve Station with Base x1 (600x225x134mm/23.6x9x5.3inch)
3. M0505 Fixture x1 (450x330x110mmm/17.8x13x4.3inch)
4. M0505 Sew Tech MaggieFrame x1 (Inner Size130x130mm/5.1x5.1inch) TA360
5. A Pair of Brackets x 1
6. Large Adjustable Fixture x 1 (345x55x30mm/13.6x2.2x1.2inch)
7. Small Adjustable Fixture x 1 (165x55x30mm/6.5x2.2x1.2inch)

1. The embroidery size is about 2cm smaller than the Hoop Inside Dimension.
2. The brackets for you varies according to your machine brand and hoop length selection.

How to Select the Hoop Length

This video will help you to select MaggieFrame hoop length by measuring your current tubular hoop length.

Measure Embroidery Hoop Length

Before you place the order, please CONFIRM the HOOP LENGTH we listed is the same as your current hoop or fit your embroidery machine. Please measure your current hoop, example picture below: