Hoop Talent Main Station + Sleeve Station with Base + Pair Adjustable fixtures

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Sew Tech Hoop Talent Adjustable Hooping Station Kit for Tajima Ricoma Bai Happy Melco ZSK Janome Brother Barudan Toyota Babylock

Product Introduction

1. Sew Tech HoopTalent embroidery adjustable hooping station Kit is for use on all Sew         Tech MaggieFrame magnetic hoop sizes and accessories.
2. The Main Station is 405mm in width and is used for normal adult clothing sizes, etc.
3. The Sleeve Station is 215mm in width and is for pants, sleeves, baby clothing, etc.

Hooping Revolution - Magic of MaggieFrame Magnetic Hoop


Product Features

1. Number and letter grid to document design placement.
2. Quickly and easily align garment onto station for hooping.
3. Sew Tech embroidery hoop stations are thick and sturdy and well designed.


Product Dimension

1. Main Station x 1 (580x405x225mm / 23x16x9inch)

2. Sleeve Station With Base x 1 (600x225x135mm / 23.6x9x5.3in)

3. Large Adjustable Fixture x 1 (345x55x30mm/13.6x2.2x1.2inch)

4. Small Adjustable Fixture x 1 (165x55x30mm/6.5x2.2x1.2inch)-FREE GIFT


Note: This hooping station kit must be used with a. M0505 fixture and 5.1"x5.1" magnetic hoop or b. M7272 fixture and 6.9"x6.9" magnetic hoop or c. hooping station fixtures for tubular hoops or d. hooping station fixtures for tubular hoops of Brother or e. adjustable fixture for MaggieFrame magnetic hoops. Please buy what you lack or the whole set. 

A. M0505 Fixture and 5.1"x5.1" Magnetic Hoop 


B. M7272 Fixture and 6.9"x6.9" Magnetic Hoop 


C. Hooping Station Fixtures for Tubular Hoops