Juki MO-6714DA-BE6 4 Thread Overlocker

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JUKI Sewing Machine 

Juki MO6714DA-BE6 High-Quality Overlock


To be sure you are getting a Genuine Juki Sewing Machine and factory-backed warranty, purchase your Juki machine and accessories directly from New Zealand's only Authorized Juki Agent - Sewingtime NZ Ltd.

Been quoted a cheaper price? (From NZ Supplier) Call us, and we will look to match or better it and you know you are getting a Genuine Juki Machine.

Juki’s Oil-free needle bar technology makes this the machine to have for Dressmakers and Wedding gown designers. You can choose to partner this high-quality overlocker with the Power saving direct drive servo, a Power saving under the bench servo, or a standard clutch motor.

Product Overview

Maximum sewing speed is increased to 7.000 sti/min. The needle bar mechanism and upper looper mechanism have been redesigned to require no lubrication. The frequency of stain removal or re-sewing is reduced. The most-advanced dry technologies, such as the special surface treatment applied to the major drive unit and the grease feeding method, contribute to higher durability. The machine does not splash oil after a long period of use.
Anti-Material-Slip Type.

The sewing machine is fully equipped with adjusting devices and provisions to effectively prevent puckering of difficult-to-sew materials or new-generation materials. The operator is able to produce beautifully finished high-quality seams without conducting difficult adjustments.
● The locus of feed and feed timing are selected to offer optimum conditions for sewing lightweight materials.
● The machine comes as standard with a low-pressure presser foot that is exclusively designed for lightweight materials and is able to remarkably handle small curves of the material. The presser foot helps the operator control lighter-weight material smoothly on the machine.
The feed mechanism feeds double chain stitch looper thread with consistency, even under low tension. (Safety stitch machine)
Oil stains on the sewing product are eliminated.

● Oil splashes are substantially reduced to eliminate oil stains on sewing products, thereby upgrading the finished quality.
● The frequency of stain removal or re-sewing is reduced.
● The machine achieves a practical maximum sewing speed of 6,000rpm.
JUKI’s dry-head technology eliminates oil stains on the sewing product
MO-6700DA Series is the world’s first complete dry-head overlock machine.
This cutting-edge dry-head technology has been introduced to the MO-6700S,
which has an established reputation for its excellent seam quality and higher productivity. Only the parts that mainly contribute to oil splashes are improved to have dry mechanisms. This reduces cost and makes a practical dry-head machine, the MO-6700DA Series.

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Technical Specification

Model name Juki MO-6714DA
Max. sewing speed 7,000sti/min
Max. stitch length 0.8~4mm
Needle DC×27 (excluding some subclass model)
Stitch Type 2-needle overlock
Needle Gauge 2.0, 
Overedging Width 4.0, 
Bottom Differential Feed Ratio Gathering 1:2 (max. 1:4), Stretching 1:0.7 (max. 1:0.6)