Juki DDL900C Automatic Plainsewer, Direct Drive, Auto foot lift

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Juki DDL-900C

Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer (Electric Feed Length Control System )

To be sure you are getting a Genuine Juki Sewing Machine and factory backed warranty's purchase your Juki machine directly from New Zealand's only Authorized Juki Agent - Sewingtime NZ Ltd.

Been quoted a cheaper price ? (From NZ Supplier) Call us , we will look to match or better it and you know you are getting a Genuine Juki Machine.

Juki DDL-900C – With new generation direct drive motor , double blade trimmers to get extra short thread tail , oil shielded aluminium cast oil sump   .  This machine is smooth and a dream to use . Comes with both knee lift and stepping motor auto foot lift.

Weather your looking to upgrade your older machine or your looking to get your first machine The Juki DDL900C is the best machine on the market for both design and production. 


  • USB Port
  • Electronically controlled feed system
  • Direct-drive motor
  • Automatic functions (thread trimmer, back tack, foot lift )
  • In-built control panel
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Assembled complete with top and wheeled stand
  • With Auto and manual foot lift


·Electric Feed Length Control System (EFLeCS)

With the stepping motor used to control the feed mechanism, the feed pitch is adjusted with the color LCD touch panel control instead of the conventional pitch dial. The high-clarity display of the touch panel promises excellent visibility to enhance workability. The touch panel comes with every machine as standard, along with a lock function to prevent the operator from mistakenly changing the set values.


·Design pattern

Digitalized feed pitches dramatically widen the range of stitch designs.


·Smart design integrating the control panel with the direct-drive motor and machine head

Compared with the conventional V-belt driven sewing machine, this sewing machine is driven by a direct-drive motor that consumes about 25% less power. The control box is integrated with the machine head to facilitate machine setup, and now comes with a USB port for charging.


· The length of thread remaining on the material at the end of sewing is 3.5mm

The machine adopts a double-blade drive rotary thread-trimming mechanism. By trimming thread just under the needle, this thread-trimming system consistently leaves no more than 3.5 mm of remnant thread on the material at sewing completion.


· Beautiful finished seams


· Nipper device

This device pulls the needle thread into the wrong side of the material at the beginning of sewing, thereby ensuring more beautifully-finished seams.


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