Juki Edge Sewing Presser 40080965

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Edge Sewing Presser Foot

Part No. 40080965 40080916

Applicable models:DX-2000QVP,HZL-DX7,HZL-F600,HZL-UX8,DX-4000QVP,HZL-NX7,DX-3000QVP,HZL-DX5,HZL-F400,HZL-F300,HZL-G220,HZL-G120,HZL-G210,HZL-G110

This presser foot is used for stitching seam lines, such as with Stitchin-the-ditch sewing for patchwork quilts and concealed seams on clothes.

The long guide at the center of the presser foot fits perfectly in the seam line to stabilize stitching. You can also use this presser foot as a guide when changing the needle position for hemstitching in a straight line.(Normal type )


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