Juki Rolled Hem Foot 40080958

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Rolled Hemming Presser Foot

Part No.40080958

Applicable models:DX-4000QVP, DX-3000QVP, HZL-UX8, HZL-NX7, DX-2000QVP, HZL-DX7, HZL-DX5, HZL-F600, HZL-F400, HZL-F300, HZL-G220, HZL-G120, HZL-G210, HZL-G110

This presser foot is used for sewing the edge of fabric while folding it twice to a narrow width about 1/8” (3 mm).

The spiral guide of this presser foot rolls the edge of the fabric to create a narrow rolled hem. This presser foot can be used on light-weight to medium-weight fabric. Since the fabric can be uniformly folded twice without ironing, this presser foot is useful for finishing ruffles and handkerchief edges.


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