Juki LU-2828A-7 Automatic Heavy Duty Walking Foot Machine - Extra Large Hook

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Juki Semi-dry Direct-drive, 1-needle, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine with Vertical-axis 2.7 Fold-Capacity Hook  (Extra Large hook) Short thread remaining(Trimmer)

The shorter-thread remaining type LU-2828A-7 is a high-performance compound feed machine. It leaves a shorter thread on the material at the beginning of sewing by means of the needle thread clamp device, as well as the end of the sewing by means of the thread trimmer which is provided with a shorter-thread remaining function. This means that manual thread nipping both at the beginning and at the end of sewing is no longer required, thereby helping reduce operator fatigue. Thanks to the adoption of a 2.7 fold-capacity hook, the frequency of the bobbin thread changing are reduced and workability is improved on this walking foot machine.

Functions for improving seam quality and workability

The long-distance from the machine arm to the needle contributes to improved workability.

Double tension provided as: standard

Single or Double can be set easily through a Multi-functional 6-string switch, regarding the machine with the trimmer. (Available for more thick material)

Multi-functional 6-string switch (thread trimming switch)

In addition to the one-touch type reverse feed switch, a multi-functional 6-string switch is also provided. Changeover of the amount of the alternating vertical movement of the walking foot and the presser foot and changeover of the stitch length can be done simply with this one switch.

Walking-foot/presser-foot alternating vertical movement mechanism

The sewing machine has adopted a feed mechanism that keeps the ratio between the amount of the vertical movement of the walking foot and that of the presser foot constant even when the material is changed. The amount of the alternating vertical movement of the walking foot and the presser foot is 9 mm at the maximum. This amount can be set with ease by means of the large dial installed on the upper section of the sewing machine.


Higher lift of the presser bar

A presser bar height of 20 mm is achieved when using the automatic presser bar lifting lever. Thanks to this feature, the process of joining leather and heavy-weight sponges, which are usually used as materials for expensive sofas, can be carried out with ease.


Eccentricity of the feed driving cam is adjustable

Adjustment of the eccentricity of the feed driving cam provides the perfect stitch for any material or thread used, eliminating the need for additional machines.


New lubrication system

Lubrication system is powerful and stable even at low speed.


New bobbin thread spool device

New bobbin thread spool device is no necessity of rolling thread manually.


Stitch length can be changed over among different lengths

The sewing machine with a thread trimmer is provided as standard with a 2-pitch dial. One unit of this sewing machine is able to sew different sewing lengths since the sewing length can be instantaneously changed over.


2.0/2.7 fold-capacity hook

The hook can be adjusted with a screw amount of needle guard contact to the needle. The needle guard can be easily adjusted. Therefore, it prevents stitch skipping and wear of hook edge.


High-torque direct-drive motor

This powerful machine boasts a direct-drive motor that's perfect for heavyweight materials. Get ready for improved accuracy and responsiveness plus fewer belt shavings. Direct transmission of power from the motor reduces energy consumption by 37% while a revamped design makes it 3.5dB quieter—all for an unbeatable performance!



New-type tank-style automatic lubrication mechanism

The oil dropped from the hook and its surrounding sections into the under-cover is filtered to remove dirt and dust and is then returned to the oil tank. This method saves the effort of oiling and reduces oil consumption. The remaining oil quantity indicator is provided on the front face of the machine head. Lubrication can be carried out without tilting the machine head. 



Model name





Vertical-axis 2.7 Fold-Capacity Hook with automatic thread trimmer

(needle thread roll-in and

shorter - thread remaining type)

Max. sewing speed


Max. stitch length


Stitch length dial

2 pitch dial

Presser foot

Auto: 20mm, By hand: 10mm

Auto lifter

Provide as standard

Alternating vertical movement


Alternating vertical movement adjusting method

Large dial

DL device

Provide as standard

Needle thread tension



Vertical axis 2.7 fold-capacity hook

Bottom-feed micro-adjustment mechanism

Provided as standard


134×35 Nm140



#30~#5, B46~B138, Nm=60/3~20/3


Semi-dry head automatic (Tank system)

One-touch type reverse feed switch

Provide as standard

Hand switch

Multi-functional 6-string switch

Safety mechanism

Provided as standard (reset with the push of a button)

Power requirement /Power consumption

Single-phase 100~120V / 200~240V , 3-phase 200~240V / 180VA (with automatic thread trimmer)

Machine head weight


* "sti/min" stands for "Stitches per Minute."


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