Merrow Activeseam Light Weight Knitwear

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The MB-4DFO 2 Series is a NEW category of sewing machines designed by Merrow to produce ActiveSeam®. The platform (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4) are a two or three- thread premier industrial serger that sews three versions of the Merrow ActiveSeam. ActiveSeam 2 is a NEW flat overlock stitch that provides an ALTERNATIVE TO FLATLOCK, INTERLOCK AND OVERLOCK STITCHING on sewn garments.

The Advantage of the MB-4DFO 2.0:
The NEW MB-4DFO 2.0 is the only machine to sew Merrow's ActiveSeam® for base layer activewear. It has the versatility to all three unique ActiveSeam™ stitches and can be configured for two or three thread sewing.

WHY it's better
The MB-4DFO 2.0 sews all three variations of the ActiveSeam stitch. It was specifically developed to sew on base layer garments and the ActiveSeam family of stitches are flat, comfortable, and stretchable stitches that replace traditional flatlock seams. The MB-4DFO 2.0 stitch width can be varied from 3/32" to 5/32" according to material properties and/or application requirements and is custom configured to sew specifically using customers' unique material and thread. Tension settings, eccentrics, and cutter placement are all adjusted to ensure that the customer receives a unique version of the ActiveSeam that is specific to their garment and application.

HOW it's better
The NEW MB-4DFO 2.0 utilizes Merrow's unique barrel cam architecture and curved needles to sew more precisely and consistently than other sewing machines. Because the MB-4DFO sews with two needles, it has the versatility to sew three different stitches and with either two or three threads. The MB-4DFO 2.0 is hand-built in the USA and all parts are integrally designed to ensure both stitch superiority and machine durability.

WHERE it's used
The Merrow MB-4DFO 2.0 is used in cut and sew factories the world over to sew the ActiveSeam on technical fabrics and base layer garments. Merrow's worldwide network of authorized agents are trained in all aspects MB-4DFO 2.0 service and installation.


Since 1838 Merrow has manufactured the world's best overlock sewing machines. A Merrow Machine is built to sew a more precise stitch and operate longer than any other competitive sewing machine in its class. Merrow Machines are engineered and manufactured more carefully, designed to last decades, and supported with a network of 156 agents in 65 countries. The Merrow Sewing Machine is The Most PRECISE and TOUGHEST sewing machine manufactured in the world

Overlock stitching was invented by the Merrow Machine Company in 1881. Merrow's original three-thread overedge sewing machine is the forerunner of contemporary overlocking machines. Over time, the Merrow Machine Company pioneered the design of new machines to create a variety of overlock stitches, such as two, and four-thread sergers, the one-thread butted seam, and the cutterless emblem edger. Today Two- and three-thread formations are also known as "merrowing".

In 2010 Merrow Machines are engineered and built in Fall River, MA.