Pony Ozone Cabinet

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 Pony Ozocab

Ozone, the most powerful anti-oxidant in nature, is the answer:
Pony OZOCAB gives you the chance of having
garments and objects hygienized and sanitized in only 15 or 20 minutes!

 Ozone allows a complete and safe sanitizing of objects and ambiences and it is capable of destroying bacteria, virus, molds, acarus, fungus and remove the most persistent odors from fabrics without damaging them.
An unlimited kind of objects can be sanitized with OZOCAB: from the biker helmet, to the leather bag, to the wedding gowns, to Ski boots, sneakers until bigger objects like baby cribs, pillows, quilted covers, etc … in conclusion, everything you want to hygienize and sanitize

OZOCAB utilizes the Corona System (10 gr/h), characterized by a remarkable power and speed of action, during both ozone generation phase and abatement phase.

Corona system has many advantages compared to other systems like the UV rays method.



  • High ozone productivity
    • No maintenance , only filter cleaning
    • Very low electricity consumptions
    • Ozone concentration 10 times higher than the UV rays system
    • Longevity of the corona cells that can last over 10 years
    • Possibility of producing ozone reducing production of other irritant gas at minimum

OZOCAB is easy to use – can be installed anywhere – easy to maintain


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