Siruba LKS-1900ANHS Bartack Machine Complete

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Siruba LKS-1900AN-HS

The LBHS-1790AN-HS (Heavy Material)  is Siruba Electronic High Speed Bartack machine , with servo Direct Drive , an easy to use interface with colour screen .


The Siruba LKS-1900AN Series with Siruba’s own Energy saving servo motor and controller. Their innovative quiet running design reduces energy consumption by up to 75%. Smooth running with low vibration and noise allows for more speed, which in turn, increases productivity.


Wider sewing area and many different sewing patterns

The With 30mm X 40mm (L x W) sewing area, the machine can sew 50 patterns of bartacks, including common shapes, half-moon, round, radical tacking.


Oil stains are eliminated

With dry-head technology, the frame (needle bar, thread take-up) no longer requires oil-lubrication. Just a small quantity of clean oil is supplied from the oil tank to the shuttle hook.


Electronic thread tension controller is standard equipped.

With active tension you adjust the tension on the panel electronically , this setting can then be saved for future use. If need be you can set different tensions for the different stitch types in the selected pattern .


Clamps lifter is driven by a stepping motor

For smooth clamp lifting Siruba have introduced the a stepping motor type lifter . This can be set either as a Single height lift (one stroke) , or, as a two height (double step) this allows for an intermediate stopping height for ease of product handling. The presser foot lifter can be set to a maximum of 17mm Max. this is achieved by using the reverse-rotation needle-up function in combination with the auto-lifter mechanism.


  • Integrated Direct Drive Motor
  • Table and wheeled stand
  • Increased sewing speed
  • Built in Bobbin winder
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Smooth Operation
  • User friendly control panel



Needle system  - DPx7 (135X5) #21

Max Speed - 3200spm

Sewing Area – L=30mm x W=40mm

Standard patterns – 50

Max amount of stored patterns – 200 (50 standard plus 150)

Number of stitches that can be stored in memory  - 20,000

Data storage – EEP-ROM , EP-ROM

Power supply – Single phase 110v/220v




LKS-1900AN Brochure

LKS-1900AN User Manual