Stirovap 300 5 Litre Boiler

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Model 300 Boiler

Stirovap - When you need a high quality ironing system , turn to the best - Stirovap have been manufacturing high quality pressing equipment in Italy since 1965. 

This 5 Litre Industrial steam generator is exactly what you need if you are serious about having a boiler that can produce good quality steam to enable you to get the finish you need . With plenty of capacity to supply one industrial iron without drawing too much power .

The sight level glass at the front of the unit shows you how much water you have left .

Manual water filling - simply release the pressure , remove the cap and refill .

Six litre boiler with five litre water capacity (you need to keep some room to make the steam ) should keep you going for approx 3-4 hours of normal ironing

These boiler are used industry wide . Laundries , Ironing services ,Alteration shops , Fashion Studios , Clothing Manufactures , Car Upholsterers , Hotels/Motels 

Pair together with the Stirovap 181 Iron for true commercial ironing setup.

We recommend using distilled water to help reduce hard deposits in iron and boiler

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