Tajima SAI MDP-S0801C Light Single Head Embroidery Machine

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Tajima SAI MDP-S0801C (200x300)

Single Head 8 needle Premium Light Embroidery Machine.

It fits anywhere and it's reasonably priced, so it's easy to start using it. It has everything you need for your startup. It means you can get started, right now. The toughness to keep on working, and a compact size and price. The all-in-one package includes fonts and PC software. Delivered to you with the quality that celebrated brands put their trust in.


After many years of promise the world's best embroidery machine brand, Tajima, has delivered a light industrial model to compete on the world stage which can be used by any beginner operator. With a very compact form factor, this machine is perfect for the home or a small business such as an alteration shop with limited space.


  • 8-Needle Embroidery: With JUKI SAI, it is possible to embroider multi-color designs with few thread changes. With a structure that inherits the high performance of industrial embroidery machines, fine lines, and wide areas can also be beautifully embroidered.

  • Exceptionally Fast: JUKI SAI can complete 800 stitches a minute while maintaining high-speed through various stitch lengths.

  • Integrated Fonts: 6 fonts to create on-board lettering for text and monogram with the touch panel.

  • Auto Thread Trimming: Auto thread trims in between jumps when changing colors, and at the end of a design for a clean design finish.

  • Easy and Accurate Design Placement: The laser positioning system makes lining up your start point and tracing your design easier than ever before taking out the guesswork before you stitch.

  • Thread Detection System: Detects any thread breakage in any of the 8 upper threads or an under thread during operation. The machine will automatically stop when thread breakage is detected.

  • Easy to Operate Touch Panel: Even those new to the art of embroidery will quickly adapt to the 3 ½” x 6” full-color user-friendly touch panel when preparing the machine to embroider.

  • Compact Design: Perfect fit for any home studio, small business specialty markets, or mobile embroidery business. Handles allow for easy lifting, portability, and tabletop readiness.

  • Slim Cylinder Free Arm: A slim cylinder makes it possible to embroider on small objects. Socks, gloves, and pockets are no longer a struggle.

  • Faster Production: Two sets of each frame are included to facilitate production time. As the machine embroiders, you have the ability to set up the following product for production.

  • Bright Workspace: Bright LED bulbs provide exceptional lighting to a 12” x 8” sewing field.

  • Software Included: Includes Tajima Writer Plus, a digitizer software for Windows with built-in design templates and easy LAN machine connection capability.

  • Design Away: More than 200 designs and 31 fonts pre-installed with an additional 1,000 embroidery designs by Pulse.



Model: MDP-S0801C
Head: 1
Needles: 8
Width(mm): 555
Depth(mm): 578
Height(mm): 668
Weight(net): 37 kg
Speed: Max. 800 rpm
Electricity: Single-phase 100V-120V, 200V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption: 100 W
Automatic thread trimmer: Yes
Thread break sensor: Yes
File format: .dst .tcf etc.



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