Wilkinson Duck Bill Napping Scissor 7 inch

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Whiteley’s was founded in 1760 and is now the last industrial scissor-maker in the UK and the oldest scissorsmith in the Western world. William Whiteley is a leading producer of industrial and professional scissors and shears, developing cutting solutions to match the latest materials in automotive, aerospace, and many other industries. Each scissor produced by the company is still hand-made, assembled, and tested by craftsmen, using the skill and techniques honed and handed down over centuries.

Made in Sheffield 

Wilkinson 1943CP-7

Duck Bill Napping Scissor 7 Inch 


Heavy-duty Industrial Napping scissors for trimming carpet pile


  • Hot forged
  • Nickel plated blades
  • Cranked Handles


Suitable for:

  • Trimming carpet pile
  • Tufting