A guide to buying your first sewing machine

Buying your first sewing machine can be a daunting decision if you don’t know where to start. Even buying your second or third machine can be tricky if you haven’t been given the necessary tools to choose. With this guide, we’ll provide the top tips to look out for when shopping for your next sewing machine for home use.

Mechanical or Electronic?

The first decision to make is whether to go mechanical or electrical. Mechanical is a simpler type of machine to carry out very basic tasks quickly and efficiently. Electronic (or computerised) machines have since improved household sewing machines to allow a host of helpful features to help raise the level of your sewing. With automated features, precise stitching and versatility, electronic sewing machines make a range of sewing exercises easier and improve the outcome of your handiwork. 


Different sewing machines have a different number of stitch patterns available. Entry-level machines will likely have straight, zigzag, buttonhole and blind hem stitches as standard. More advanced sewing machines will come with a wider variety of stitches to use, which can quickly advance your sewing skills at home. Even if you are just getting started, do you want to be confined to standard sewing machines or go a little more advanced? We can help you decide.


Many of the machines available come with all kinds of feet and attachments to aid your craft. These additions make life easy for the sewer. For example, when making a clothing garment you may need a zipper foot to add a zip or a buttonhole foot for attaching buttons. When quilting you will require a walking foot and a free motion foot. 

Sewing Machines Accessories

No matter how advanced or futuristic your sewing machine is, it can’t do everything. For that, there are must-buy accessories available at Sewingtime. You still need thread, scissors, a trusty tape measure and more. For all the accessories you can’t sew without, head to our accessories section.

Sewing is more than just a hobby, it’s a passion. That’s why we are proud to stock the world-famous Juki domestic sewing machines. As the most reliable and premium-performing machines you can buy, they’ll provide the efficiency and versatility you need to complete all your home-sewn creations to the highest standard. These great machines offer features that will allow you to concentrate on the fun stuff; with automatic needle threading, LED lighting, advanced thread trimming function, one-touch pattern selection and much more. Find your perfect sewing machine today by getting in touch with us.