A Guide to Laundry and Steam Equipment

How much more advanced can laundry and steam equipment be compared with the common household iron and ironing board? The answer is: very. Here at Sewingtime, we stock some of the finest and most comprehensive ranges of laundry and steam machines in all of New Zealand. From simple equipment to larger and more complex products for use in the hospitality industry, altercation studios, professional dry cleaning and more - we have what you need. Here’s our expert guide to the best laundry and steam equipment.


Producing hot steam to efficiently and effectively remove wrinkles from clothes, steamers are made up of a container and warmer. Water is stored in the container and is heated by the warmer to create steam. Simply hang your clothes and aim the steam at the wrinkles to remove them. Our range includes professional steam machines that produce perfect outcomes on a variety of fabrics without damaging the clothing. 


An iron should always be at hand to smooth out creases and to create them for perfect sewing. Our steam irons come with a hose, cable and plug to create high-quality irons to use at home or in the studio. 

Boiler Irons

Steam is generated at high-pressure in the boiler which then pulls through to the attached iron for industrial ironing that can be performed quickly and efficiently. With various sizes, from 2L up to 5L, choose the ideal boiler for your studio and get the best out of your work.

Ironing Boards

Our industrial grade ironing boards offer the perfect foundation for ironing. With features such as a vacuum motor to pull steam through your product to heated boards, the ironing boards you see here are vastly superior to your household ironing board. Select from different sizes, from folding stowaway boards to large-scale ironing boards.

Fusing Press

Used to fuse capable materials to a base fabric with pressure, heat and time, fusing presses are used commonly in the garment industry. Our range guarantees the strength, durability and quality that you need to improve your professional craft.

To find out more or enquire about any of our products, get in touch with us today for expert advice. Our customer service includes after-sales service from some of the best-trained technicians in the country.