Juki: Seriously Good Machines

Have you heard of Juki sewing machines? A lot of our clients who have bought industrial sewing machines from us will say “Yes”. They recognise Juki as one of the leading names in industrial sewing and they’ll tell you that the brand is superb. Little wonder that it is the number one ranked sewing machine in the world.  

New Zealand’s very sizeable quilting community will talk up the brand as well. Juki has a sterling reputation among quilters worldwide for manufacturing a range of machines that combine creativity with power and performance, and as such, Juki has a rich tradition in this much-loved form of needlework.   

We can only agree. Juki is renowned for manufacturing high-quality and robust sewing machines that keep on delivering the best results for many years. But those of you who use domestic sewing machines might not be so familiar with the Juki name, and that is a pity. You’re probably more used to brand names that have been part of the New Zealand home sewing landscape for generations. And while there’s nothing wrong with these well-known machines if you’re the occasional home sewer, we see Juki as being a much better match for those of you who take sewing more seriously. 

Juki’s background as industrial sewing machines is a big part of the reason that we recommend their domestic models. They’re exceptionally well designed and manufactured, and this pedigree flows from commercial and industrial settings into the household sewing room. They may cost a little more than other brands but in terms of performance, versatility and durability, we reckon they’re worth every dollar. If your enthusiasm for sewing has turned into a passion, and you want to take things to a whole new level, then we recommend Juki as the sewing machine that will take you there.

All over the world, particularly in Asia, The United States and Britain, Juki is a brand synonymous with quality, both with the machines themselves and the results they produce. Industrial sewers and quilters in New Zealand already know that, and we’re thrilled that we can bring these superb machines into the domestic market. So, if sewing at home is more than an occasional bit of fun for you and you want to start creating something that better reflects your passion, we suggest you check out Juki domestic sewing machines. Contact us and we’ll happily discuss the range with you.