Maintaining Your Machine: How Often?

As far as we’re concerned, the need for sewing machine maintenance is obvious. Most of our clients who have invested in our industrial sewing machines tend to agree with us. They appreciate that their machines are their business, and their ongoing operation is their livelihood.  That’s why they stick to a regular maintenance schedule. But people who buy our world-class domestic sewing machines are usually a little less committed to maintenance. While we sell the best household sewing machines in the world, they stil need regular maintenance to operate at optimum capacity, and that’s where one question is asked of us more than any other: how often should I have my machine serviced?

Our answer is always the same; there’s no easy answer! How often your domestic sewing machine requires a service depends on several things. For instance, how often do you use your machine? If you use it on a regular basis - let’s say several times a week - you generate a higher degree of lint build-up, wear out the lubricants that keep your machine running smoothly, as well as the parts that might need replacing. If this is the case, you may want to get your machine serviced at least once a year. 

On the other hand, if you rarely use your machine and it sits idle for months at a time, there’s a chance that lubricants can congeal and seize the machine. This might mean your machine will require a service before you decide to use it again.  

Another factor to consider is what sort of machine you own and what you are using it for. As an example, if you use your machine for patchwork quilting or for sewing heavier fabrics, then your sewing machine will probably require more frequent servicing due to lint build-up and possible issues with tension and timing. 

If you are a conscientious machine owner and keep it clean, change your needle frequently, lubricate the machine as needed, and store it in a warm dry place then you might be able to wait a bit longer between services. But doing those things doesn’t mean your machine won’t require maintenance at all. Every machine, no matter how well it is looked after, needs to be serviced professionally from time to time. That’s because our sewing machine technicians do more than just clean a machine at a superficial level - they carry out more complex work that you’re not trained to do, and this adds years to your machine’s lifespan. 

The best way to put the right maintenance schedule in place is to contact us. Tell us about your machine and the sort of sewing you do (and how often you do it) and we’ll tailor-make a service solution just for you.