Our Repairs Are Good For Business

Our industrial sewing machine repairs are good for your business. We understand there’s a high price to pay if one of your machines is out of action for any length of time. So we make it easy for you to request a service or repair so your machine can become functional again, and your business can keep ticking over.   

As you know by now, Sewingtime stocks the very best industrial sewing machines. From industrial Brother sewing machines to other world-class brands like Juki or Siruba, we have a machine in our range that will do the specific job you need it to do. Many of our industrial sewing machines are set up in our showroom so you can try them before you buy. This is a highly important part of the purchasing process, so we recommend that you bring a sample of your work so we can help you select the machine best suited to what you do. 

Sewingtime is not the sort of company that will sell you a machine and leave you unsupported. While it may be tempting to import a cheap industrial machine from overseas, that often means you don’t receive the after-sales service you deserve. And when that cheap machine invariably breaks down - it’s cheap for a reason! - that is when you’re left high and dry and your business comes to a grinding halt while you scramble to get it repaired. The biggest issue with these inferior machines is sourcing parts when they fail, and that can cause extremely lengthy delays. 

On the other hand, when you invest in an affordable and high-quality industrial sewing machine from us, we’ll always be there. Our trained technicians will be on hand to carry out comprehensive maintenance, or service work when needed. And, we carry parts that allow us to get on with a repair immediately in the vast majority of cases. We know that any downtime in your business is costly so we make it a priority to carry out industrial sewing machine repairs to the highest standard and in the shortest possible time. 

So, if you’re looking for a new industrial sewing machine, look beyond the purchase process. Consider too how easy it will be to maintain and service that machine, and how much it will cost you if it is out of action for a prolonged period. You’ll see that our machines and after-sales service, which includes repairs, stack up very well against all of the other options available to you. So, if sewing is your trade, contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you do better business.