Tajima: A Huge Name In Embroidery Machines

There are some good embroidery machines in NZ. And then, there are Tajima machines. They’re not just good. They’re exceptional. That’s why, when you view our collection of embroidery machines. you’ll see that name figure very prominently indeed.  

We don’t want you to have to settle for a lesser brand, no matter what you buy from us. When it comes to embroidery machines, we recommend you buy a Tajima machine for performance, durability and results.

Whether you are a home operator, if you’re starting a new business, or you have an established business, here’s why we recommend Tajima machines. This Japanese company has been around since 1944, with a staggering 3,000 embroidery machine models sent to over 130 countries around the world. Because Tajima is such a well-established company, they have a long and proud reputation to maintain. This pushes them to constantly invest in research and development, and incorporate new innovations that keep them several steps of pretty much every other manufacturer. 

It’s said in commercial embroidery circles that if you can get a needle through it, a Tajima machine can embroider it. When you consider that the company has such a big inventory, you can see why they make such a grand statement. From Tajima single-head embroidery machines to Tajima multi-head embroidery machines, the company offers the world’s most comprehensive range of embroidery equipment. There is a machine for every possible need and function including caps, shirts, jackets, bags, and blankets. 

While this quantity is amazing, we know you’re far more interested in securing one machine that will meet your specific requirements and deliver the quality you deserve. That’s important to us too. For all of the models Tajima manufactures, we wouldn’t sell this brand if it didn’t produce outstanding results. Take it from us - as well as our happy residential and commercial clients who have invested in Tajima -  that these machines are superb performers, regardless of their size or what they’re designed to do.

An investment in a new embroidery machine is a significant one. You want something that performs like a charm from day one and will keep on performing with a minimum of fuss (or hassle). This is particularly important if you’re in business. Any downtime is costing you money, and your embroidery machine needs to be as dependable as it can be. This is yet another reason why we recommend and sell Tajima. Don’t get caught with an inferior brand. Contact us and get the best.