The Art of Ironing: Tips for Perfectly Pressed Clothes

Perfectly pressed clothes are an important part of presenting a polished and professional appearance. Whether you are an ironing expert or have just pressed your first pair of pants, ironing can become an art form with a little help from the right equipment. 

Choosing the Right Ironing Equipment

Ironing at home or commercially doesn't have to be another time-consuming chore. From a simple ironing table to irons and commercial steamers, Sewingtime's range can help you get the job done faster, more efficiently and with better results.

Stirovap have been manufacturing high quality pressing equipment in Italy since 1965, so you would hard-pressed to find people who know more about pressing. Browse the range the Stirovap range at Sewingtime to find right gear for your needs.

Professional Finishing

Sewingtime stocks serious ironing equipment for the hotel and motel industry, alteration studios and professional dry cleaning services, but for a professional finish at home, take these tips on board.

Get the Temperature Right

One size does not fit all when it comes to different fabrics and temperature settings. Silk and other delicate fabrics can burn under a very hot iron, whilst cotton can tolerate higher temperatures. Make sure you know what fabric you're dealing with before setting the iron's temperature.

If you're concerned about melting or burning synthetics, use a pressing cloth as protection.

But if You Do Have an Oopsie…

Some accidental scorch marks can be removed using distilled white vinegar. Dab it on with a clean cloth, and repeat until the stain is gone, then rinse in cold water.

Flat as a Board

Before you begin, make sure there are no creases in your ironing board's cover. The smallest crinkle in your board will translate to your clothes.

Foil Is Your Friend

Lining your board with aluminium foil can cut your ironing time in half. Since foil is a heat conductor, you're effectively ironing both sides at once.

Avoid the Pocket Pucker

To prevent pocket outlines from showing, turn your garment inside out before ironing that area. The same goes for hems, collars and cuffs.

Fabric Care

Our top ironing tip is to be aware of the different needs of different fabrics. Here is the best way to approach ironing common fabrics.

  • Acrylic and nylon – Use a dry iron (no steam) on a low heat setting; iron inside out. 
  • Polyester – On a low or medium heat, iron while the fabric is a little damp.
  • Silk – Dry iron on a medium heat. Use a pressing cloth and ensure the garment is inside out. 
  • Wool – On a medium heat, dry iron on the "wrong" side of the fabric. Use a pressing cloth.
  • Cotton – Iron on a high heat while fabric is damp. Use steam if necessary. 
  • Linen – Turn garment inside out, and iron slightly damp fabric on a high heat setting. Steam can be used, if needed.

    Stirovap equipment will help you care for your clothes and efficiently achieve a polished look.


    Even with high-quality equipment, ironing issues still occur. A common error is using the wrong temperature setting. Stirovap ironing equipment allows precise temperature control, ensuring that you can tailor the heat to the fabric's specific requirements. Another problem is using too much or too little steam. Stirovap's steam distribution systems provide the perfect balance for effective wrinkle removal without damaging delicate fabrics. 

    Sewingtime would love to help you iron out any pressing problems. See their range of high-quality ironing equipment and find out how you can consistently enjoy polished and professional results.