We Love Quilting As Much As You Do

Did you know that Sewingtime is New Zealand's only authorised Juki agent? This includes their world-famous quilting machines, which we are extremely proud to offer to Kiwi quilters. That means that when you buy a Juki quilting machine from us, or any other type of machine from this great brand, you are getting a genuine Juki product, as well as a factory-backed warranty and access to all of the accessories you’ll ever need. You’re also investing in many years of high-quality performance and sheer enjoyment! 

When it comes to quilting machines in NZ, it’s important to us that you have the very best. We know that New Zealand’s quilting community is passionate about what they do, and we want to play our part in continuing the colourful history that the craft has in this country. British settlers introduced quilting to New Zealand in the 19th-century alongside a range of other textile crafts such as knitting, sewing, embroidery spinning, weaving, lacemaking, crochet and tatting.  In the early days, quilting in New Zealand had mainly practical applications but the decorative component was also evident. For example, patchwork quilts for beds made use of the fabric scraps that were left over from sewing and during the Second World War, when fabric was a scarce commodity, cotton sugar bags were cut up and used to create bed coverings.

After the war, a quilt became more of a decorative feature in the home. It was transformed into a piece of art that added colour and interest to an otherwise drab room. That piece was typically passed on to younger generations as a family heirloom and many of them are now on display around the country. For example, Auckland Museum has around 50 quilts in their collection, and they range from traditional European and American bed quilts to Pacific Tivaevae, which is evolved from techniques passed on by missionaries in the 19th century e.g. bright and vivid Cook Islands Tivaevae became a familiar sight in New Zealand after migrants brought it to the country in the 1950s.  

We’re proud to be a part of New Zealand’s quilting community by supplying household and commercial quilting machines, as well as full service from our expert technicians and an extensive range of accessories. Whether you’re new to the craft or have years of experience, we share your passion for quilting so feel free to contact us as we will have everything you need, regardless of your skill level.