Typical GC20665-CX Heavy Duty Walking Foot (Juki Style) Complete set

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Looking for a walking foot machine capable of sewing thick thread . Able to sew metric 8 thread this is the machine that can handle the thicker thread but still be manageable. Based on a popular Juki design this machine offers the features and of the Juki machine at a fraction of the price.


Medium Heavy Duty, Single Needle, Lockstitch machine with walking foot, large bobbin & reverse. The Typical GC20665-CX is for sewing such as upholstery, automotive, tent production, boat equipment, sail makers and much more.


  • Large Rotary Hook and bobbin.
  • Upper and Lower feeding (Walking Foot)
  • Knee foot lift.
  • Reverse Feed.
  • Dial adjusting foot feed height
  • Ho Hsing G60 Power saving motor 
  • Complete on table and wheeled stand
  • Thread stand


Maximum Sewing Speed : 2500 spm
Sewing Space : L260xH110

Needle Type : DPX17 (135X17) size 19/120 – 23/160

Max Thread Size : Metric 8 Ticket 300

Foot lift height : 16mm

Maximum Stitch Length : 9mm


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Included Accessories

4 x Bobbins

1 x Packet of needles



Screw driver




GC20665 Parts List and Instruction


GC20665 Brochure